Learn to Love Photoshop Lesson 2 of 10

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Initial Adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom

For many people, 70%+ of their images never need to be touched by Photoshop. That doesn’t mean that the images don’t need to be optimized or fixed in some way. It just means that those changes are often most efficiently accomplished using either a Photoshop plug-in called Camera Raw or a stand-alone program called Lightroom. Both programs share the same set of adjustment choices. Camera Raw is automatically installed with Photoshop, while Lightroom is a separate program. In this lesson, we’ll explore how you can transform just about any dull-looking image into one that really shines using these essential adjustments. This should be the first step all your images go through before you consider opening them into Photoshop for additional work.


  1. Hi, I absolutely loved this video. I am not a photographer but I love taking pictures. I had a class in college about 10 years ago but didn’t use Photoshop for many years. Can you believe I have never used ACR, I downloaded light room and tested a group of photos using just the auto setting to begin with and am amazed at the changes before even fine tuning them. I am really going to love Photoshop after this course, now I am going to need a great explanation on digital cameras because they are intimidating and you are such a great teacher. Thank you for these free videos I’m sure I’ll be purchasing the rest.

    1. There are two ways to access all the videos that are part of Learn to Love PS: 1) purchase learn to love then you’ll have lifetime unlimited access to the streaming videos forever. 2) buy a membership in Masters Academy for unlimited access for as long as your membership is active along with access to the full MA video library and a new video every week.