Learn to Love Photoshop Lesson 3 of 10

45:53 Duration

Photoshop Fundamentals

We start with a quick tour of how the Photoshop interface is organized and then progress to setting essential preferences, choosing colors, working with panels, customizing the interface, working with tabs, using basic brushes and being able to undo multiple steps when you make mistakes. These are the absolute essential ideas you need to grasp before you can start to feel truly comfortable with Photoshop.


  1. These videos are great thanks! I am looking forward to joining the academy as I have so much to learn……. before I start, how do I make the panels rest to the right side in PS? Mine seems to always be floating and I cannot see the whole panel. They are nesting to each other but the whole thing floats whereas I notice yours is nicely nested or aligned to the right side. Thank you!

    1. There are a few things that can cause them to be floating. Most of the time, you can drag the top edge of a panel to the edge of your screen and look for feedback of a blue bar along the edge of the screen, which indicates that it’s about to snap to that edge. But there are other things that could prevent it from snapping. If you do become a Masters Academy member, then watch the Customizing Photoshop lesson in the Starting from Zero section to learn all about working with panels in Photoshop.