Learn to Love Photoshop Lesson 5 of 10

1:10:28 Duration

Getting Started with Layers

It’s difficult to work in Photoshop without creating layers. Some features create them automatically, while other times it is useful to manually create new ones before making important changes to your document. In either case, learning how to understand and use layers is absolutely essential to being effective in Photoshop. Layers allow you to isolate the individual elements that make up a document so that they can be worked on individually without affecting the rest of the image. In this lesson, you’ll learn when it is important to create a new layer, you’ll see how the stacking order of the layers affects your end result, how multiple layers can be aligned as well as what clipping groups do and the difference between merge and flatten.


  1. Awesome and so informative! Jason Hoppe @ CreativeLive did a 6-Months PS course back some years ago. That is my only ‘formal’ PS training. LOL This is beginner, but, by goodness, I keep learning! I had a few ‘aha’ moments still!
    Thank you,

  2. Question, In Magnification Mismatches you drag a bunch of photos from bridge onto the screen and they already have the transform thing on them. Can you drag pictures directly from lightroom into photoshop that way?

    1. Yes you can… just resize the Lightrom window so you can see Photoshop behind it and drag away.