Out Of Bounds

That is what it was called in some lessons long ago that I took. I think that there are others who would find creating such images fun and useful. Some I have done at: https://www.imaging-and-art.com/pizzazz-more/more-pizzazz-6.htm Charles (Chuck) Simon

Perspective in image composites

It would be good to have some expert advice on how to get the perspective right in a composited image so that all the individual items look like they are all correctly in perspective. An example would be a several objects added to a landscape, i.e. buildings, cars people etc.

LR rename on import?

apparently, when you rename a photo on import, the original name is not stored in the metadata. If you don’t include the file sequence as part of your new naming system, you can not recover the original name. If you import and then rename, the original name is stored in the metadata and can be […]

UpDating LR and/or PS

dot releases and major upgrades do different things to presets, plug-ins, brushes, patterns, etc. What routine maintenance should we do to minimize problems when updating or upgrading.

Brushes Deep Dive

I would like a deep dive on Brushes and Smudge brushes. I want to understand the nuts and bolts of the brush settings. To know the difference between a regular brush and a smudge brush. How to create and modify brushes and some guidelines as to what works and what doesn’t. How to use creative […]

Photoshop Apply Image

Ben, thanx for soliciting suggestions for this topic. From my relatively uneducated perspective, ‘Apply Image’ appears to be able to be used in a number of different ways. It seems to be similar to ‘blend modes’ or maybe ‘blend if’ with its potential applications. May I suggest you consider building a lesson around how the […]