Learn to Love Photoshop

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Get instant access to Ben Willmore complete Learn to Love Photoshop program. Including over 11 hours of video training, and included complete downloadable practice images.



Learn to Love Photoshop with Ben Willmore, a 25+ year veteran and Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee known for pushing Photoshop to its limits.

This complete program includes over 11 hours of no-experience-necessary lessons that start with how to install the program. You’ll get a tour of how Photoshop is laid out, learn to customize the layout and slowly progress to learning the most essential concepts including selections, layers, masks, filters, adjustments, HDR images and panoramas.

  • Lesson 1 — Previewing, Opening, Resizing, and Saving
  • Lesson 2 — Initial Adjustments in Camera RAW
  • Lesson 3 — Photoshop Fundamentals<
  • Lesson 4 — Isolating Areas with Selections<
  • Lesson 5 — Getting Started with Layers
  • Lesson 6 — Retouching Essentials/li>
  • Lesson 7 — Layer Masks<
  • Lesson 8 — Essential Adjustments<
  • Lesson 9 — Filters<
  • Lesson 10 — HDR and Panorama<

About Ben Willmore

Ben Willmore was using Photoshop before Adobe even named it Photoshop. Over the last 25 years, Ben has written over a dozen books on Photoshop and spoken at more than 100 conferences. Masters Academy is Ben’s private community where you get direct access to learn how to truly understand Photoshop.

When Ben is not teaching Photoshop, he and his wife Karen spend their time exploring America aboard their tricked out vintage bus. They also spend an average of two months each year exploring outside the USA.


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